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Quad Laser Therapy


Class IV Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser Therapy

Powerful & Durable

Powerful & Durable

Rapid Treatment

Rapid Treatment

Pre-set Protocols

Pre-set Protocols


Minimal space and lightweight


Lithium ion rechargeable battery.
Apply treatments with or without access to power.


Quick access to patient history.

Easy to Operate

Intuitive software with 600+ pre-set protocols.
User friendly handpiece.


Advantages of Quad Laser Therapy


Accelerates Superficial Wound Healing

Irradiating an area with 635nm, a wavelength where melanin in our skin absorbs very well, will ensure a large dose to the superficial region.


Increase cellular ATP Production

The enzyme determining how efficiently the cell converts molecular oxygen into ATP has the highest absorption at 810nm.


Enhances Oxygen Delivery

The quicker oxygen is released into the blood stream, the more fuel the cell has to carry out all of its natural healing processes.



Water in blood transports oxygen to the cells, carries waste away, and absorbs very well at 975nm.


DELA Quad Laser Therapy intervenes on the following conditions

  • Contusions, hematomas and edema
  • Healing of surgical wounds
  • Hot spot
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Tendon lesions (acute and chronic)
  • Trigger point


Laser Type Diode Laser
Laser Classification Class IV
Wavelength 635nm, 810nm, 915nm, 975nm
Max output Power 15W
Emission mode Therapy mode, Manual mode
Repetition Rate 1 to 20,000Hz
Control system LCD touch screen
Power supply AC 100~240V
Aiming beam Diode laser (635nm)
Disable Control Emergency Stop Button
Dimensions 230 x 230 x 157mm
Weight 6.83lb (3.1kg)


DELA is already programmed with preset-parameters for each indication of dog, cat and horse.
Just simply select species, weights, indication and area to treat.
Not both Intuitive and convenient GUI makes it easy to use for veterinarians and nurses even though first time use.

Treatment protocols and frequency of treatment will vary depends on the patient’s condition being treated.
Some severe conditions with significant pain may be treated daily, but with some acute conditions 4 to 6 treatments may be sufficient.
Light problems may show improvement with treatment sessions every week or every other week.

Laser therapy is safe to deliver photon energy directly over broken skin and on acute injuries.
Laser therapy provides you with a safe and effective alternative to drugs and surgery. Lasers photons energy results in increased circulation which supplies more nutrition to the injured area and ultimately leading to pain reduction. Anyone in proximity of the laser probe during operation of the laser device must wear appropriate protective Goggles.

Class 4 laser is greater than 500 milliwatts, it is different from Class 3a and Class 3b lasers.
(Class 3a lasers are 5 milliwatts, Class 3b lasers range from 5 to 500 milliwatts.)
Class 4 laser delivers photon energy to a large area of tissue in a short time.
So, Class 4 Laser device allows users to use a wide range of treatment protocols.

Laser therapy treatment gives immediate relief of pain and allows your pet to be comfortable.
This increases your pets activity and make them feel more relaxed due to reduction in pain and inflammation.

Although every pet and treatment may be different, your pet may show improvement and feel less pain from the very first treatment.
When they do not appear to show immediate improvement, results are often seen after 3 or 4 sessions because each treatment is cumulative.” or maybe “…because the effects of each treatment are cumulative.

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