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Fairly remarkable performance for endourologic procedure

Superior safety

The energy rapidly absorbed by water and has a low tissular penetrability (0.4 mm) so It minimizes the risk of thermal lesions of the surrounding.

Easy to control

Controlled easily and simply by Intuitive GUI panel


Faster recovery time leads to the satisfaction of patients and masters because the endourology procedure completed without incision.


Airgap fiber

  • Exceptional quality
  • High stabilty and durability
  • Suitable for various laser system
Airgap fibers AG550
(550 μm)
(365 μm)
(275 μm)


System type Holmium YAG (Ho:YAG)
Wavelength 2100 nm
Max Power 30 W
Energy per pulse 0.5 to 3.0 J (0.1 J step)
Pulse duration Up to 600 ㎲
Repetition rate 5 to 15 Hz (1Hz step)
Aiming beam 532 nm (Green)
Cooling system Water & air cooling system
Dimensions 370 (W) X 714 (D) X 894 (H) mm
Weight 75Kg (165.35lb)
Electrical requirements 220VAC, 60Hz, 5kVA