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Photodynamic therapy for Cancer treatment

Quick to set up

Quick booting and ready time

Easy to control

Control of laser energy delivery by ‘touch-screen’


An internal power meter for calibration of optical fibers, enabling accurate dosing of the patient



400µm/600µm fiber


Laser Type InGaAlP Laser Diode, CW & Pulse Mode
Wavelength 660nm ± 3 nm
Pulse Duration 0.2 to 600ms
Max output Power 2.5W
Cooling System Air Cooling System
Repetition Rate 1 to 500Hz
Power Supply AC 220V, 60Hz
Control system Footswitch, LCD touch screen
Aiming beam Diode laser (650nm)
Disable Control Emergency Stop Button
Dimensions 400(W) x 259(D) x 202(H)mm
Weight 11.2lb (5.1kg)